Yeah.An inch of white stuff...In June

The forlorn looking swingset.

This was green....yesterday.

It's so...Christmassy. And kearis...You asked for a here you go. And the pic's are like five minutes time watchers.


Oh Yeah.Take a look at them climbing skills.

packit would like to climb too.

The rest stop sign that, in a sleepy stupor, can easily be skewed to "Beware Rest Stop"

Oh...this is just the barren wasteland that we drove through for four hours on our way home from Reno.
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20 raspberries...planted.

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Tulips. In Bear Lake. Who would have thought it.
The Trampoline is up...
The trees are blooming...
Even the sprinklers are running...

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Mint's coming up...

The birds are out...

New bikes...Check...

There's this

And This

AND THEN................

Yeah. This happened mid-post. Kearis dscribed it as, "Wet, WET, HAILING!!!!!!"

P.S. Hope this satisfies all those nay-sayers and that it encourages many comments. And, to satisfy other's, these pictures are less than an hour old.

Thwuuump...and we're back.November third...Long while ago?How long was I in that coma? Did I miss anything important?Anyways...

So many things have happened since I was last active.
Let's highlight a few in photo form, shall we?

Yep. Disneyland for Christmas. Crowded, and, suprisingly, cold.

A totally sweet picture of Grandpa trying out the Ipod.

Not much explanation needed here. Let's just say that Mr. DDR challenged has come up in the world.

The couches which we hauled home the same day as suzy's wedding reception.Very reasonably prices as well.

Now, back to the unphotoed version.The last little bit of joy, last Thursday I officially got my permit. Only 6 more months until I am fully legal. Thus ends the long, redemption attempting post.

Patrick running his toy car into people.

Patrick runs around in a size 13 shoe in the middle of Steve and Barry's.Never a dull moment with this kid.

Sorry.I am apologetic. Sorry again.I will do better.Enough apologies?Okay.Update. I am currently on my annual six week vacation to california and are having a good time.We went to see wicked, which was very good.We have been to Disneyland many times, led around a family from the Idaho and have (Unfortunately) not ridden the new Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.It is now open, but The line is SEVEN HOURS long.Yeah, seven hours I could have spent doing something else.So.Leave that for later.Lots of swimming, lazying, and generally begginning summer vacation.The end of school was good, With the whole promotion ceremony and all the hubub.They have kicked me out.For good.
So, will someone please call and inform me if I have not posted in at least a week and are as such being banished from the blogging world.And please, do comment...It's very lonely in banishment.And cold...And lonely.

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